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Get Started

Discover amenities around you, such as workspaces, drinking stations, cafeteria, washrooms and more. Use smart features to enjoy the services within your reach or send your feedback to get the best personal experience whenever you’re inside TouchPoints powered buildings and facilities.

  1. Download the App on Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create an account using your company email
  3. Discover TouchPoints in your building

Note: Make sure your Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled

Create an Account

  1. Enter your company email and click “Send verification code”
  2. Check your email for the verification code. Enter it on the text box and click “Verify code”
  3. When verified, enter your name and preferred display name
  4. Click “Create”

Discover TouchPoints

When you open TouchPoints app, nearby TouchPoints will appear on the Home Screen. The buttons on a TouchPoint box indicate what features you can use based on what kind of service it is.

Click Info to learn more about the service

Rate a Service

  1. Open TouchPoints app when you’re next to the facility
  2. Place your phone close to the TouchPoint beacon
  3. Click the star icon (rate button) if it’s available for the service
  4. Rate from 1-5 Stars
  5. Select the items that you like or would like to improve
  6. Write your feedback
  7. Click Rate Now button